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The Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon
This Supplements the Event Details & Includes All Recent Updates



Further information about the location will be provided by 12:00hrs on Thursday 10th June.
If you are on the LAMM email mailing list you should receive a LAMM email on Thursday lunchtime. Those with Internet access should visit where details will be provided. If you don't see a new home page with the event venue, please click on REFRESH, to update your browser window. For those without web access, a recorded telephone message will be available at Lowe Alpine from 17:30 on the Thursday until 08:00 on Friday. Telephone 01539 742052. Please visit the LAMM website, which will tell you far more than is possible in a brief telephone message.

Each team must complete one of these forms and hand it in at registration. You will also find the form on tables near to registration. Please save yourself time and hassle by downloading and printing one from here. It is a PDF file so you will require the free utility from Adobe, Acrobat Reader.

Please make any team changes online before you come to the eventby clicking on UPDATE ENTRY. The last chance to enter or make changes online is 21:00 on Thursday 10th June. This will help us considerably with the smooth running of the event. Report any even later changes to the Information Desk at registration.
Please register for the Outdoor Industry or University MM championships if your team fits the bill. See the appropriate links.


36km 2,410m 30km 1,350m
30km 2,100m 27km 1,340m
25km 1,700m 23km 950m
22km 1,610m 20km 900m
20km 1,240m 16km 870m

Please visit this page to find out about the 2010 LAMM tee.

Photographer Jon Brooke will be out on the course attempting to capture at least one image of every team. His pictures will be available to purchase online a day or two after the event via his website The images will be available as JPEG files for personal (non-commercial use). They come in two different sizes suitable for regular prints or enlargements. The large file would probably be acceptable up to A3 size at least. Those taking part in the Chasing start on Sunday will be wearing race numbers front and back and can search for photos using their race number. Payment can be made using any credit card (via Paypal) and no registration or other faffing is required. Prices are £4.95 and £7.95 respectively.

Dave MacFarlane is the assistant editor of planetFear and will be covering the LAMM for

For the third year, the LAMM will have on board the highly experienced Athletes Angels at the finish. Athletes Angels provide sports massage and physio for some of the UK and Europe's top outdoor endurance events and will be on hand to tend to weary muscles, creaky joints and any sprains or injuries at the end of the event. As many will know, a thorough sports massage at the end of an event can make all the difference in the recovery stages! For more information please visit and to pre-register (highly recommended!) for an appointment please email The team will be at the Event Centre from 10.00 am on the Sunday and a 15 minute massage will cost only £10, if you wish a longer appointment please specify when you pre-register. Go on - treat yourselves, you deserve it!

As the competitors are setting off on Saturday and on Sunday we will use the popular orienteering tool, Route Gadget, to display our map on the website. During the weekend, folks back home will be able to see our Controller's route choices displayed on the LAMM map. By the time you arrive home on Sunday evening we hope to have loaded all your results into Route Gadget. Please make an effort to visit the Route Gadget web page where you will be able to add your routes to the map and compare them with those of other teams. The
routes are automatically linked with your SPORTident punch data and you will be able to replay the event. You will actually see little squares run across the map as if all teams had started off in a mass start. This really adds another dimension to post-event analysis.

The LAMM car park will not open or be signed until 15:00 on Friday so please do not arrive until then. It will close at MIDNIGHT and re-open at 06:00 on Saturday. There is a fair amount of accommodation available within 10 miles. This year it is only a very short walk from the parking field to the camping field. We think it is best to leave a tent up on the camping area throughout the weekend and you can change in it on your return. If you don't have a second tent, a rucksack can be left in the event marquee and we will provide labels. When you leave on Sunday, please adhere to the unofficial one way system and depart to the north.

REGISTRATION will be open from 16:00 - MIDNIGHT on Friday but be closed between 22:00 and 22:30 for the marshals briefing. At registration you will receive your TWO Si-Cards and wriststrap, 2 LAMM 2010 car stickers and 2 small polybags for the Control Descriptions (which are not waterproof). Teams will receive a pair of foot shaped plastic bags, care of Sidas. The Information Desk will provide your Saturday start time, vouchers for laminated maps and allow you to register any VERY LATE team/course changes. Could doctors please collect a 'Barrier Tape Streamer' and attach it to your tent at the Event Centre and midcamp so that we can locate you in an emergency.

SCOTT'S EVENT CATERING (inc. WILFS) who attend orienteering events and mountain marathons all around the UK will be present to provide a variety of food for purchase on Friday evening from 16.00. This will include Soup, Pizza, Chilli in a bowl, baked potatoes, pasta bowl, a number of cakes and the usual brews. On Saturday morning, cereal and bacon rolls will be on the menu from 06:00. A free meal is provided to each competitor on Sunday at the end of the event. Visit

The LAMM map has control circles overprinted on it for the first time this year. From the grid references on your Control Descriptions, you will be able to identify the control circles for your course. For the Score Course, the values of the controls will also be printed on the Control Descriptions which you will receive as you start.

Registration will be open from 06:00 - 09:00. Assembly times will be from 07:00 for the B/C/D/Score courses and from 08:00 for the Elite/A.

This year, the midcamp is an unusual and fairly wild location with a limited number of grassy camping spots. Other ground is roughish tussock and if we have rain before the event, could be quite soggy underfoot. If you are in any doubt about the quality of your groundsheet, please consider bringing a thin plastic sheet to place under your tent.

  • Any A&E trained DOCTOR should inform us on arrival at the midcamp so that we can hand you a streamer to attach to your tent
  • NO LITTER, CLOTHING OR EQUIPMENT WHATSOEVER is to be left behind when you leave as it will be quite difficult for us to litter sweep every location used for a tent. Be vigilant. If your neighbour leaves litter, please mention it to them!
  • You must use our toilets for all solid deposits. There will be a few portaloos and the usual slit trenches located a few hundred metres from the main camp area. There is to be no Al Fresco crapping anywhere within 2KM of the midcamp
  • Take your water from the nearby stream - a 100M stretch above/below the footbridge. Please don't wash in it or pollute it in any way upstream. If you are in any doubt about water quality, you should boil or purify it.

The start regime for the Sunday morning will be flexible. Chasing Start times for the leading teams on Elite, A, B, C and D courses will be displayed near the results by 20:00 on Saturday. The Chasing Start will begin at 06:30 and will last for 90 minutes. If you are not on the Chasing Start list you may start anytime from 07:00 onwards until 08:00. All teams in the Chasing Start should come to the midcamp results tent after 20:00 to be given 4 race numbers which indicate your course and position. Each team member will wear the numbers pinned on the front and on the back of the rucksack. For these teams, Sunday will be all about head to head racing and far more of you than ever before will be able to experience the exhilaration (and pressure) of racing on Day 2 of a Mountain Marathon.

Teams that retire or are disqualified on Day 1 are very welcome to start Day 2 and we don't need to be informed about this. If your partner pulls out and you would like a new team mate to join you for Day 2, come to the Download Tent anytime from 06:00 and we'll try to help you form a new team. Teams will start from a taped area close to the mid-camp and those that are not in the Chasing Start will use their SI-Card to record their start time. Course description sheets will be issued in the taped area and competitors will receive description sheets just after they start. Any teams taking more than 9 hours to complete Day 1 or who need to leave the Event Centre early to connect with public transport may start from 06:30. We hope that the slower teams will be drawn along and when the majority of teams catch up, they will help to motivate the slower teams. Also we hope that the range of finish times will be compressed.

On Sunday morning there is NO Chasing Start for the Score course and you may start at anytime from 06:30 - 08:00. You will receive the description sheet for all Sunday controls which shows score values. Please don't all come at once as we would like there to be a small gap between each team. We suggest that the inexperienced teams who may overshoot the 6 hours, those who have a chance of winning a prize and those who are depending on our coach transport should start early. If you are likely to be a prize winner, please don't finish after 14:00!

This will take place by the Event Centre marquee at 14:15 and will last no more than 30 minutes.We will offer prizes down to 6th place on each of the courses, mixed, female and veteran prizes. The retail value of LAMM prizes this year is £7,000. We only provide one prize per person so that the prizes can trickle down to more teams. Don't forget the prizes for the male, female and mixed pairs whose team members have between them attended the LAMM most often.

Anders Morell who organises the BAMM - Bjorkliden Arctic MM has very kindly offered a prize of a free entry for the BAMM on 20-21st August 2010. The prize will include transport from Kiruna Airport and accommodation/food at the Hotell Björklidens Fjällby the night before and after the event. The LAMM will share the cost of this this prize and we will pay £500 towards appropriate flights from a UK airport to Kiruna. Bjorkliden is located 200km (124 miles) north of the Arctic Circle just north of Sweden's Abisko National Park, almost on the border with Norway. It is possible to travel to or from the venue to the UK in one day. This is a great opportunity to take part in a Mountain Marathon in another wonderful location far from home and we're very grateful to Anders for his kind offer. However - here's the catch. This prize will not necessarily be offered to the winning Elite team. It will be offered to the best performing Elite team that remembers to confirm at LAMM Registration Information Desk that (barring exceptional circumstances) they will be able to take part in the BAMM. We will use the information from registration and your results to allocate this prize


A word of warning, with the map based on the OS 1:50,000, not all crags are marked accurately and many small streams are not marked, so be wary of using these features for fine navigation. Just remember it is not a purpose made orienteering map, but a map for travelling through mountains and gives you exactly the information you need for the LAMM.

This year we will again pull out all the stops to keep those at home informed about the LAMM during the weekend. At the end of each day top teams on courses will be asked to step into a "room" or maybe a shed or a tent where we will have a few laptops setup. We would like them to write a paragraph or two about their experiences of the day. Please write whatever springs to mind and we think that this will help to make the reportage from the event come alive. Jon Brooke will be taking digital photographs out on the course and writing about the event as it unfolds. He will compile a section of the LAMM webcast that contains the competitor's stories of the day and pictures of each team. If any other team has the urge to tell the world about their day on the Scottish hills there will be space. Its a flexible arrangement so we'll just see what happens…..

We may be living in a technologically advanced age but the Scottish Highlands still present significant communications problems and this year it will be especially difficult to provide updates from the midcamp. However we will try to not disappoint. Those with access to the Internet on Friday night will be able to see something of significant interest from 18:00! We aim to upload photographs and reports on Friday evening, Saturday morning by 10:30, Saturday evening by 22:00, Sunday morning by 10:00 and Sunday evening by 20:00. We will also display the courses each day after the competitors have started and upload photographs of each of the prize winners. Results will also be displayed at the end of each day showing overall positions on each course and also split times between each checkpoint. Andrew Leaney from SPORTident UK will also be processing results and acting as our webmaster for the weekend.

After the event is over, we will offer 2 prizes of Lowe Alpine kit for best digital photographs taken by competitors while the event is in progress. The two categories are best photo of LAMMers in action and best scenic photo (which should also include a few competitors). The photos will be displayed on the website. Please only send a maximum of 2 of your very best photos and no bigger than 0.8MB. Email them to

Maps (2 per team) are 66cm x 77cm and will be handed out on the way to the start. If you have purchased laminated maps you will hand in your voucher (issued at registration) and receive a laminated map in exchange. No voucher, no laminated map - so don't lose your voucher. If w
e have not used up our entire allocation of laminated maps, extra vouchers will be available at registration on a first come, first served basis - price £3 each. For those whose maps are not laminated, map bags sized 60cm x 45cm will be available for purchase at registration. Plain maps are not waterproof so please ensure that you take a large enough map bag with you and if the weather is really bad we suggest that you save one map for use on the second day. After the event is over, any remaining LAMM 2010 maps will be available at the LAMM shop.

SPORTident SI-Card
Each competitor will carry an SI-Card and both members must punch at each checkpoint. Failure to punch by either team member at any checkpoint will lead to disqualification. This is intended to ensure that in future all unmanned checkpoints are visited by both team members. Each team member must visit registration to either receive a hire SI-Card or to present their own card so that we can confirm the card number. To ensure fair play and that both team members visit each control, all SI-Cards will be attached loosely to your wrist using a tamper proof wrist strap. This will remain attached all weekend and will be cut off you either when you finish or if you retire. If you lose, break or take a hire card home with you the charge will be £25.00. We use these wristbands for non-orienteering events of more than 2 hours duration. Also you will quickly get used to carrying the card on your wrist. Wrists do swell during exercise and providing you have attached the card loosely, you will hardly notice that you are wearing it overnight.

If a checkpoint station doesn't beep or flash, please record or memorise the 3 letter word written on the station and tell us at the finish.

Please remember not to touch any deer calves, even if they appear to be distressed as the mother will often reject them if human scent is detected. Also try to avoid stepping on nests of baby grouse - the estates get annoyed. A number of rivers in this area soon become uncrossable after prolonged rain or even a heavy shower. If in doubt, move UPSTREAM, not DOWNSTREAM to cross and if moving downstream, ensure that if all else fails you can cross by a bridge. Carry all your rubbish back to the Event Centre on Sunday and be prepared to show it during a kit check.

The midges WILL be quite annoying if it is humid or still. We strongly recommend that you bring some insect repellent or a net.

This is printed on the control descriptions and should only be used in extremis. Rescue facilities are only available to deal with potentially life-threatening situations. An emergency medical kit is available on Saturday at the midcamp and on Sunday back at the Event Centre. Please carry some money with you in case you get stranded miles from the Event Centre.

If you have booked places on our transport, please visit the relevant page on the site to check your booking is correct and see the final coach details.

CAMPING IS AVAILABLE ON SUNDAY NIGHT You are very welcome to camp at the Event Centre on Sunday night. A local hostelry will welcome your custom.

Rick and Angela Houghton will have their mobile shop at the event. Telephone: 01253 795597 or email Order online from

Climate Care

Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Highlander Mountain Marathon

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon