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The Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon

Use Our Coach Transport From Glasgow



This year we will be providing optional coach transport from Glasgow to the Event Centre and back but NOT from Inverness. To make a booking or add more details, please choose the link to UPDATE ENTRY. Details of those who have booked are displayed above and precise details of the arrangement will be available by 7th June. Coach ‘managers’ will try to ensure that connections are kept with late-running trains, coaches and flights, so long as they are made aware that people are arriving on them.

GAS CANISTERS: You cannot carry these canisters on an aircraft. Please contact Compass Point so that they can bring the right type of gas canister to the event for you. Contact Rick Houghton at or telephone 01253 795597

MANAGE A COACH: If you live in the Glasgow area and in return for free transport would be prepared to 'manage' a coach, please contact


Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station – Coach Departs on Friday 11th June at 20:00 via Glasgow Airport
If you will be arriving at the airport some hours before the coach departs, you could take an airport shuttle bus to Glasgow Bus Station, spend the day in town and then join our coach at Buchanan Bus Station rather than the airport. The bus station is situated in Killermont Street near to Glasgow Queen Street Railway Station and is less than 15 minutes walk from Glasgow Central Railway Station. Please note that the coach will not be calling at a railway station. The coach will be standing at Tour Stance nr 27, sited at the far end of the bus station opposite the main building. You should be able to locate our two marshals who will be wearing bright yellow LAMM bibs, a few minutes before the departure time. Also we expect the coach to be marked with LAMM or Lowe Alpine MM and it is possible that some information will be provided on the overhead displays. Please don't make bookings on trains/buses that arrive at Glasgow later than 19:30.

Glasgow Airport – Coach Departs on Friday 11th June at 20:30 for the Event Centre
Our meeting point will be close to one of the Airport Information Desks. Look for the desk situated on the Ground Floor near to Domestic Flight Baggage Reclaim. If you arrive on an International flight, you will need to proceed to this area after you have reclaimed your bags. Our marshal will be wearing a bright yellow LAMM bib and will arrive with the coach from Buchanan Bus Station - so don't be concerned if our marshal does not appear until a few minutes before the coach departure time (or later if the coach is delayed). Our marshal will lead you to where coaches are required to await incoming flights. Please don't make a booking on planes that arrive at Glasgow Airport later than 20:00. Do not confuse Glasgow Airport with Prestwick Airport, which is 1 hour to the SW of Glasgow.

IF YOU EXPECT TO MISS THE 20:00 OR 20:30 DEADLINES please ring our marshals Andrew Young & William Purnell on 0779 1008867.

On Sunday 13th June, the transport to Glasgow will leave at 15:00, calling at Glasgow Airport, Glasgow Central Railway Station and finally if required at Buchanan Bus Station. It is only intended to connect with flights leaving Glasgow Airport after 18:00. Transport will then call at Glasgow railway station and Buchanan Bus Station. Please don't book onward transport from the centre of Glasgow before 18:00.

We have a special webpage on the website devoted to helping those who arrive early on the Friday by plane to be put in touch with others who might like to share a hire car rather than wait for our coach transport

This is not a disaster as long as you REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR DRIVER'S LICENCE & A CREDIT CARD IN YOUR OWN NAME. There are a number of car hire firms situated at Glasgow airport and the booking offices are all located near our meeting point on the Ground Floor near to Domestic Flight Baggage Reclaim. Weekend rates are reasonable. Look out for other LAMMers in the same predicament so that you can share a car between two teams.

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Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Highlander Mountain Marathon

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