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The Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon

LAMM 2009 6th/7th JUNE
A Two-Day Competition for Pairs with Overnight Campsite
Location is 3.5-4Hrs Drive North of Glasgow/Edinburgh, 2 Hrs Drive from Inverness!
Please bring these details to the event and know Your Team Number at Registration

The LAMM has taken place at Arrochar 1994, Isle of Mull 1995, Lochaber 1996, Isle of Jura 1997, Ardgour 1998, Black Mount 1999, Glen Shiel 2000, Loch Laggan 2001, Braes of Balquhidder 2002, Spittal O’ Glenshee 2003, Glencarron 2004, Isle of Mull 2005, Inchnadamph 2006, Glen Lochay 2007 and Glenfinnan in 2008. For all of us these events have provided unique challenges and unforgettable experiences. This year our event will as usual take place in a remote, high mountain region of the Scottish Highlands. It is a two-day mountain orienteering competition with an overnight camp at a remote location. Teams run in pairs and carry lightweight camping equipment, clothes and food to sustain themselves for 36 hours. You can choose from six courses ranging from Elite to Novice depending on your ability and fitness. The aim is to visit each of the checkpoints on your course and the times for both days are aggregated to find a winner.

The many landowners and local people have already been most helpful during the early planning stages. Our event has a reputation for providing the competitors with novel surprises and as usual we ask you to expect the unexpected. We would prefer teams only to apply if they are sure that they will feel able to enter into the spirit of the event. We have another great area lined up in one of the classic mountain area of the Scottish Highlands with a scattering of Munros and Corbetts. Competition for places in the LAMM is now so keen that the event always fills to capacity and even an event as far north as Inchndamph 2006 was oversubscribed. We would strongly recommend an early entry this year to avoid disappointment. We will save a few slots to allow late entries for Elite and A teams.

I am Martin Stone, the Event Organiser. I have organised the LAMM each year since it began in 1994, also the Scottish 4000’s Duathlon and the Hebridean Challenge. My sporting background is long distance mountain running and mountain marathons. Apart from organising events I provide timing and scoring systems/consultancy for sporting and corporate events through our company SPORTident UK Ltd. Our planner this year is Angela Mudge, who has planned the on numerous occasions and controlled the event last year. Andy Spenceley who planned in 2006 at Inchnadamph and last year at Glenfinnan will be our controller.
Andrew Leaney will manage our website, provide results and a live webcast during the weekend itself. Twenty or so friends of the event will help as marshals during the weekend.

We hope to provide you with a great weekend of racing and adventure at the connoisseurs Mountain Marathon.

We are delighted that Lowe Alpine will continue their sponsorship and enthusiastic support of LAMM. Lowe Alpine has been a great sponsor ever since the first event at Arrochar in 1994. Many thanks from the organisers and competitors alike for a top commitment to people, enjoying competition in the mountains.

At the request of the estates concerned and also to keep you guessing, further information about the location will NOT be provided until 12:00hrs on Thursday 4th June. There will then be two ways to obtain details of the location:

Those with Internet access should look on web site where details will remain until after the event. It will be best to visit the LAMM website, which will tell you far more than is possible in a brief message.

If you are still living in the technological Dark Ages, please telephone Lowe Alpine between 18.00hrs on Thursday 4th June -> 08.00hrs on Friday 5th June to hear a brief recorded message. You will see the phone number in the Final Details that will appear on the website in early June. This message will be removed at 08.00hrs on the Friday and no further assistance can then be provided. Please do not jam Lowe Alpine's switchboard during normal business hours on the Friday with questions about the event - they will not be able to assist you.

If you expect to be en route to the area or on holiday in Scotland before the Thursday evening, it may be best to arrange to telephone a friend who has retrieved the information you require - we will not be able to assist you with any more clues.

Should you become aware of the location by accident, we are relying on you to keep it to yourself and under no circumstances to spoil the surprise for others by 'spouting off'. Anyone found to be passing on this information will have their entry fee returned and is barred from future events.

From the experience of previous years, we expect the event to fill quickly. The format of the competition itself will be fairly straightforward for those with experience of 2-day Mountain Marathons and we hope to keep the organisation informal and friendly. The emphasis will be on good courses and the quality of the race itself.

Our event was the first UK Mountain Marathon to make use of a website in 1998. More than 10,000 of you have already subscribed to the Staminade Events email mailing list to receive regular news updates about important issues and so that we can tell you when you need to take another look at the website. If you haven't already subscribed, it is important that you visit and subscribe to the list.


ARRIVING ON FRIDAY: Yellow LAMM signs will direct you to the parking area. The car park will not open until 15.00, so please do not come to the venue by vehicle until then. Wherever possible please share transport with another team, as parking space is especially limited this year. There will be no car key deposit so please keep your keys with you. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage, should an unfortunate incident occur. Do not arrive at the parking area after MIDNIGHT, as it will be closed to avoid disruption to local people and other competitors. This means passing Glasgow/Edinburgh by about 20:00. If you cannot make this closing time, you should camp en route and complete the drive on the Saturday morning.

REGISTRATION will be open from 16:00 – MIDNIGHT on the Friday but will be closed from 22:00 – 22:45 for the marshals briefing. At registration you will receive your SI-Card and wriststrap, 2 small polybags for the Control Descriptions (which are not waterproof), a pair of foot shaped plastic bags, care of Sidas, and the 2009 LAMM car sticker. The Information Desk will provide your Saturday start time, the relevant vouchers for laminated maps and allow you to register team/course changes.

ACCOMMODATION ON FRIDAY NIGHT: There is limited amount of B&B accommodation available close to the Event Centre. You are strongly recommended to bring two tents, camp at the Event Centre and leave your basecamp tent erected during the weekend. Details of any accommodation will be available at registration.

ARRIVING ON SATURDAY MORNING: We think that you will enjoy the ambience of the event more if you are able to arrive on Friday. However, if this is not possible, the parking area and registration will be open on Saturday morning from 06:00 – 09:00. If you are registering on Friday and using accommodation away from the Event Centre or not arriving to register until Saturday morning most of you will be given assembly times nearer to 09:00.


SPORTident TIMING, the premier electronic system for recording times at checkpoints, will be used. You may use your own SI Card to save a £2.60 hire charge. It is possible to purchase an SI-Card by visiting the online shop at These cards can be used at many types of event. If you are using your own card at the event, you must present this card at registration to confirm that the SI Card number you logged on your entry form is correct. Those who need to hire an SI-Card will receive it at registration. If you have chosen to hire a card, it will be attached loosely to your wrist AT REGISTRATION using a tamper proof wrist strap. This will remain attached all weekend and be cut off you either when you finish or if you retire. If you lose, break or take a hire card home with you the charge will be £25.00. This is one reason why we are now using these wristbands for non-orienteering events of more than 2 hours duration. You will quickly get used to carrying the card on your wrist. Wrists do swell during exercise and providing you have attached the card loosely, you will hardly notice that you are wearing it overnight. This year all competitors will use an SI-Card at each checkpoint.

CALLING ALL DOCTORS: We realise that it would be nice to get away from the 'day job', however it would reassure us to be able to identify a few doctors at the mid-camp who we can call on in case of emergency. If you don't mind the imposition, please make yourself known at registration and we’ll give you a length of barrier tape to attach to your tent at the midcamp.

MERCHANDISE: 18” x 24” map bags, fine waterproof map pens, videos of the Jura 1997 LAMM, the handbook "Mountain Navigation For Runners" by Martin Bagness and maps from previous events. Additional maps from LAMM 2009 may also be purchased at the end of the event. We still have a few Dryflo Tees from recent years and most previous event maps, available from the LAMM online shop at

LAMM TEE SHIRT: This year we will offer another a special edition tee shirt bearing the LAMM 2009 logo. More details will follow nearer the event. The garments can be purchased during the weekend in the marquee and should these sell out, a mail order list will be compiled and items despatched by the end of July. They can also be ordered after the event from the online LAMM Shop.

COMPASS POINT SHOP: The mobile shop will be present at the event to provide an opportunity for any urgent last minute purchases before the event and replacement of trashed gear afterwards. Contact Rick Houghton at or telephone 01253 795597 to ensure that the shop can bring whatever you will need. If you are flying to the event, contact the shop to ensure that Rick brings enough of the right type of gas cylinders to the event. You can also order goods online via the LAMM online shop at

WILFS OUTDOOR CATERING who attend orienteering events and mountain marathons all around the UK will be present to provide a variety of food for purchase on Friday evening from about 16.00. This will include Soup, Pizza, Chilli in a bowl, baked potatoes, pasta bowl, a number of cakes and the usual brews. On Saturday morning, cereal and bacon rolls will be on the menu. A free meal is provided to each competitor on Sunday at the end of the event. Visit www.wilfs-café

DAY 1 START times will be allocated at registration. Day 1 assembly times are between 07.00 - 09.30. At the start enter the taped area corresponding to your course. You are advised to use the small plastic bags provided at registration to protect the description sheet, which is not waterproof. The description sheet will give a 6-figure grid reference for each checkpoint on your course, plus a written description and code to look for at the checkpoint. The checkpoints must be visited in the order shown on the sheet.

THE MAP: Each team will receive 2 maps, approx. size (70cm x 70cm) which will be handed out on the way to the start. The map is at 1:40000 scale with a contour interval of 10m and is based on data from the relevant OS 1:50000 sheets. We are providing the option of laminated maps and we will ensure that you are given the correct type of map. For those who do not request laminated maps, map bags will be available for purchase at registration.

CHECKPOINTS: Pairs must stay within visual and verbal contact of each other and BOTH MEMBERS MUST VISIT EACH CONTROL. We are aware that in previous years, a few teams have cheated where one member was descending to a control before climbing back up the hill to join a weaker partner. This year, each competitor will use an SI-Card. Each checkpoint will be marked with an orienteering-type orange and white nylon marker and a SPORTident station will be attached to it. This will usually be sited at ground level, weighted down with rocks. Always check the 3-digit identification code on each SPORTident station to ensure that you have visited the correct one for your course. You will not be penalised if you inadvertently dip your SI-Card at an extra control that is not on your course but you must dip your SI-Card at all the controls on your course in the correct order. Ensure that the station is not upside down when you insert the SI Card. Any closing times will be marked against the relevant checkpoint description and you should not expect to find a checkpoint marker if you arrive after this time.

The six figure grid references you will be given represent the bottom left corner of a 100m square. The exact location could be anywhere within the 100m square and the description should enable you to locate the checkpoint precisely. Due to the steepness of the ground, some checkpoints will be described as being, for example, 'on the 540m map contour'. This is to enable you to locate the precise point on the map and it may not always accurately reflect the height you are seeing on your wrist altimeter (should you be lucky enough to have one)!

OVERNIGHT CAMP: Please adhere to signs and protect the water source by washing downstream of the drinking water collection area. No rubbish is to be discarded on the hills or at the mid-camp. ALL rubbish MUST be carried out and taken back to the Event Centre with you on Sunday afternoon. Spot checks will be made at the finish.

Results will be displayed at the camp site. Those finishing within 90 minutes of the leader on each course will take part in a chasing start on day 2. Day 2 start times will be displayed on the final column of the results board by 19:00 when a reasonable number of teams have completed Day 1. All teams in the Chasing Start should come to the midcamp results tent after 20:00 to be given 4 race numbers which indicate your course and position. Each team member will wear the numbers pinned on the front and on the back of the rucksack. For these teams, Sunday will be all about head to head racing and far more of you than ever before will be able to experience the exhilaration (and pressure) of racing on Day 2 of a Mountain Marathon.

DAY 2 START: The Chasing Start will begin at 06:00 and will last for 90 minutes. If you are not in the Chasing Start list, you may start anytime from 06:30 onwards until 07:30. Teams that retire or are disqualified on Day 1 are very welcome to start Day 2. Teams will start from a taped area close to the mid-camp and all apart from those in the Chasing Start will use their Si-Card to record their start time. Course description sheets will be issued in the taped area. Competitors will receive description sheets just after they start. Any teams taking more than 9 hours to complete Day 1 or who are concerned that they will miss our transport to Glasgow at 14:00 will be given the opportunity of starting at any time from 06:00 onwards. We hope that this will help to draw the slower teams along and when the majority of teams catch up, they will help to motivate the slower teams. Also we hope that the range of finish times will be compressed.

DAY 2 FINISH - THE EVENT CENTRE: Random kit checks will be made and rubbish generated during the weekend must be displayed. A free meal will be served to all competitors by Wilf's Outdoor Catering. The prize giving will take place nearby at 13.30 and earlier if the majority of prize winners have finished..

DAY 2 COURSE CLOSING TIME: All teams must be back by 16.00 on Sunday whether or not they have completed their course. You are very welcome to stay on and camp at the Event Centre on Sunday night. The local hotel will welcome your custom.

PRIZES will be awarded to the first 6 teams on each course, first mixed and first women's team in each class. A prize will be awarded to the veteran's team on each course with the best handicap results where the total age of the team is 90 or more on Saturday 6th June. On the linear courses, the adjusted time is calculated by deducting 30 seconds per hour of running time for each year the combined age of the team exceeds 90. On the score course, the adjusted score is calculated by adding 1.5% to the score for each year the combined age of the team exceeds 90. There are also prizes for the teams with most LAMM appearances, also the best University team and team associated with the Outdoor Industry.

POT HUNTING! Prize-winners in previous years (other than Elite) are ineligible for prizes when competing on a course & category (unless veterans) where they have previously won a 1st or 2nd, Mixed or Ladies prize. We reserve the right to decide a team's eligibility for a prize where one team member who has previously won a prize pairs up with another previously unplaced member and they enter a lower course.

RETIREMENTS: Should you retire and return to the Event Centre during Saturday or early on Sunday, please place your hired electronic control cards in the labelled box in the marquee or leave a note if you own the SI-Card. At other times, please report to the finish. THIS IS THE GOLDEN RULE AND MUST BE ADHERED TO WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Failure to follow this procedure could result in the local Mountain Rescue team being called out. Any competitor doing so will be blacklisted for all future events. It is the responsibility of competitors to make their own way back to the Event Centre. The mid-camp will be at an isolated location and unless you have suffered a broken limb or other severe injury it is unlikely that we will be able to offer transport back to the Event Centre.

HIND CALVING, CROSSING FENCES & RIVERS: The event takes place during the hind calving period. Should you discover a newly born calf that is apparently alone and in distress, please give it a wide berth and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES TOUCH IT. On her return, the mother is likely to reject the calf after detecting human scent. No deer fence is to be crossed except at a specified crossing point and stock fences should either be straddled or crossed at strainers. A number of rivers in this area soon become uncrossable after prolonged rain or even a heavy shower. If in doubt, move UPSTREAM, not DOWNSTREAM to cross and if moving downstream, ensure that if all else fails you can cross by a bridge.

ACCIDENTS: Use your whistle to summon assistance from other competitors. Put the casualty in a sleeping bag or tent while someone, preferably two people, go for help. Someone should stay with the casualty at all times, although if you cannot summon help you may have to leave them on their own. Make a careful note of the grid reference, nearby features, time and nature of injuries. Telephone the 24 hour emergency phone number shown on your Control Description sheet and ask for a suitable message to be passed to the Mountain Rescue Team.

Adders are quite active at this time of year; however it is extremely unlikely that anyone will be bitten. Should you be unlucky, it is not likely to be too serious. Immediately wash the bite to remove venom on the surface, dispel any notion of continuing competitively and rest with the relevant limb lowered below the heart for about half an hour. Bandage the limb above the bite just tightly enough so that the veins below bulge but pulses can still be felt. "Milking" the bite area to expel blood and plasma could be tried too. If you are not feeling too feverish or nauseous after this rest, proceed gently either to the mid-camp or to a road, whichever is the nearer. Seek medical advice as soon as possible.

CHOOSING YOUR COURSE: Please take a look at the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 weblinks - Best Routes (which are displayed on the online maps for each year), Results, Control Descriptions, Photo Galleries and Reports/Feedback from these previous events. This should give you a flavour of the event and help you to choose the best course for your team.

Score Course: As a result of popular demand we are introducing a Score course in 2009 - Saturday 7 hours, Sunday 6 hours. This will make use of some of the controls on the linear courses but others will be unique to the core course. We will not be providing a pre-marked map but there will be good oppportunity to mark up your map on the Saturday morning in a dry environment before you start. If you are using a laminated map, we suggest you give some thought to the best way of preventing control locations rubbing off during the day.

ELITE Fastest running time about 12 hours Age Limit - 18
A Fastest running time about 11hours Age Limit - 18
B Fastest running time about 10 hours Age Limit - 18
C Fastest running time about 9 hours Age Limit - 17*
D Fastest running time about 8 hours, walking time 11 hours Age Limit - 16*
Score 12 Hours Age Limit - 16*

(*One team member must be over 18. Please download a Parental Consent form

We will endeavour to ensure that the fastest time is achievable given good weather. Here are the LAMM course statistics for 2003 and 2004.

Spittal O' Glenshee 2003
Glencarron 2004
Distances KM
Distances KM

These statistics measure the Planner's preferred route and are NOT based on straight lines drawn on the map between the controls. Please do not be misled if you feel the distances are short. The terrain is mountainous even by Mountain Marathon standards with plenty of climbing. Day 1 will take significantly longer than day 2 and the courses will combine relatively fast high-level routes with lower level sections, which demand more technical navigation.

NOTES ON VETTING: All entries will be vetted for suitable experience and each team must be able to navigate in the hills. Elite entries must have completed an Elite or A course at a recent mountain marathon, A entries an A or B course. Alternatively they should have achieved a fast time in a long fell navigation race or similar event. Other impressive achievements will be considered! These courses could involve some scrambling.

B and C entrants must have completed a course at a recent mountain marathon or long fell navigation race or alternatively have significant experience of mountaineering or long days moving quickly in the hills. The D course is intended for those with limited mountain marathon experience, but who are very strong walkers or steady runners. These courses will also cross steep, rough mountain terrain and require excellent navigation skills.

Competitors on the Score course can at least predict the length of their two days and the courses are intended to be accessible to all who take part in the linear courses.

All entrants should feel capable of completing the E, A and B courses within 150% of the winner's time, while the C and D courses should be completed within 180% of the winner's time. Speed and fitness are important factors in mountain safety. Please do not enter this event merely with the aim of finishing a course regardless of the time taken.

IT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE A SENSIBLE COURSE IF YOU INTEND TO USE OUR TRANSPORT TO GLASGOW! If we assume you start on Sunday soon after 06:00, our transport to Glasgow will leave the Event Centre approximately 8hours later. (see the information above about flexible Day 2 Starts)

PLEASE READ THIS WARNING: You will be tackling some very challenging mountain terrain and the daily distances will reflect this. If you are not both competent and confident when moving across steep, rough mountain terrain, you will inevitably be spending longer on the hills than you anticipated. In view of this, please make a realistic assessment of your capabilities and ensure that you are tackling a course which best reflects your mountain skills. Please be prepared for the worst possible conditions as the competition area is very isolated and these hills are exposed to serious weather. Bear in mind that you are very much on your own once you have started. Although the organisers will ensure that the event is as safe as possible, your safety is ultimately your own personal responsibility, just as it is with any trip into the hills. Consider training for this event by running on mountain terrain where possible and by practising fine map reading and compass skills.

DISCLAIMER: When you enter the LAMM you accept full responsibility for your safety and any injury you sustain during the event. These are not the responsibility of the event organiser. You know your limitations and will retire from the event rather than jeopardise your own safety. This will be reflected in an indemnity form that each team member must sign and hand in at registration.

TRAINING COURSES for those who wish to improve their mountain marathon skills will take place in the Lake District on two weekends this year. Joe Faulkner who is an outdoor professional and qualified mountain/canoe instructor will lead them. For more details and a booking form visit, email or contact Joe at High Brow, Celleron Road, Tirril, PENRITH, Cumbria CA10 2LS Telephone: 017684 86779/ mobile 07749 364248.

COMPULSORY KIT: Each team must carry a tent with ground sheet, food for evening meal and breakfast, stove and means to produce hot food/drink, first aid kit to include wound dressings (one large), triangular bandage, roller bandage & anti-inflammatory tablets/ointments (not compulsory).

Each person must wear or carry a whistle, compass, map, pencil & paper, torch (not penlight) with spare bulb & 6 hours light. A Petzl Tikka and similar torches which contain multiple LEDs are fine. A sleeping bag, survival bag (not space blanket), waterproof cagoule with hood (not a Pertex windproof), overtrousers (these can be Pertex), hat & gloves, tracksters/thermal bottoms (lycra tights OK if weather forecast is good), thermal vest or similar, warm thicker top, hill food for each day with a small amount of emergency rations to remain at the end of day 2.

A Goretex bivi bag may be used as a sleeping bag but not as a tent. The Blizzard Pack is an acceptable alternative to a sleeping bag. Footwear must be lightweight boots, fell running or orienteering shoes - no flat-soled trainers permitted.

Trail shoes may not be ideal for contouring but will be acceptable as long as the heel is not too high. The ideal shoe for most is a fell running shoe such as the Walsh PB, Inov-8, New Balance RX Terrain, The Felldancer or Adidas Swoop or Lightfoot.

Please carry some money with you (a note) in case you get stranded miles from the Event Centre.

Teams should be prepared for random kit checks on arrival at the midway camp and at the end of the event.

WATER SUPPLY: If you feel there is any risk that the water you may drink en route or at the campsites is not pure enough, you should consider using suitable water purification tablets. This would be more significant after a period of unusually dry weather. All water consumed during the weekend is at your own risk. Midge repellent and sunscreen should also be considered.

FORBIDDEN KIT: GPS and any Satellite Navigation device such as Magellan and Garmin - altimeters are allowed.

ENTRY LIMIT & WAITING LIST: Teams will generally be accepted on a first come basis. We will however guarantee entry to teams on the Elite and A courses, teams entering from abroad and those who have helped the event in a significant way.

CHANGE OF PARTNER, COURSE, SI-CARD OR LAMINATED MAPS: Should it be necessary to make a change, please do NOT telephone us. You can use SiEntries Online Entries System to make your team changes online until Thursday 4th June as long as you know your SiEntries ID and password, issued by email when you enter. After this date, inform us of changes at the registration information desk.

WITHDRAWING AN ENTRY: Should the team be unable to participate (even at the eleventh hour), please email or write to the entries address (see below) and your request to withdraw will be acknowledged. If we receive your notification of withdrawal by email or letter, sent no later than 15th May, at the address shown below, the team will qualify for a refund of £70 plus any coach booking fee and this will be paid by cheque before the end of July. No refunds will be made in any other circumstances, nor can your entry ber transferred to the following year.

SHARING CAR HIRE FROM AIRPORTS: If you wish us to help you find another pair arriving on the same flight so that you can hire a car together please visit the “Share Car Hire” page at

LIFTS REQUIRED/OFFERED: Last year we were able to solve a number of transport 'crises' by publishing details of those offering lifts on our website. If you have a particular travel problem and have been unable to find a solution visit the “Lifts to the Event” page at if you are either a donor or a hopeful recipient.

LOOKING FOR A PARTNER? The web site worked wonders for a few 'desperate' competitors last year. At least 10 partnerships were forged through the site and some teams were very successful. If you lose a partner or are looking for a partner visit the “Partner Needed?” page at

CAN YOU HELP?: If you are thinking of coming to the event but are not competing and would be able to commit yourself from Friday afternoon onwards to help with parking, registration, the starts, finishes, midcamp or on the hill, please contact Martin Stone no later than 23rd May.

ADMINISTRATION ADDRESS: For all correspondence, EMAIL:, write to Martin Stone, Lowe Alpine MM, Sleagill Head Farm, SLEAGILL, PENRITH CA10 3HD or in the last resort telephone 0870 766 1792.

Climate Care

Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

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