If you are seeking a partner and cannot locate anyone suitable from the list, please email the following details to martin@lamm.co.uk:

  • Your Name & email address/phone number
  • Course you wish to do. Eg "B or C"
  • Details - Your age, location, if you already entered. Then give a summary of partner preference, competitive experience and aspirations for the LAMM

If you provide an email address or phone number it will be assumed that you are happy for it to be listed here. We will add your details to the table of information below so that you can locate others who are interested in forming a team.

When you have found a partner, please contact martin@lamm.co.uk so that we can remove you from the list. Then you won't be pestered!  Best of luck to all who are looking for LAMM partners.

Also return to this page during the week of the event to find out if we know of people without partners who will be coming to the event anyway, even though they have lost their partner, hoping that someone else in similar circumstances will be there.






Andy McGregor


Since 2001 I have done 10 LAMMs and still want to do it this year aged 60. My best place of 10th and I will never get on the podium. My previous partners are not available this year. Interested in the D class, or maybe C or Score.Age 60 so would prefer to a veteran partner. Fairly experienced in MMs since 1979 but aim now is just to enjoy it, and finish in the top half is a bonus! Will probably drive and can offer a lift from Newcastle or points north.


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Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon