Getting To Isle of Harris

Taking so many people to Tarbert on the Isle of Harris will be a challenge, however we have done this sort of thing before - moving 700 to Isle of Jura in 1997 and 1000 to Isle of Mull in 1995 and 2005. You don't need to decide how to get to the island when you are entering the event, but the person adding this entry should EDIT MY ENTRY later to complete the transport section when you have made a plan.

There are regular flights from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness to Stornoway and we will provide coaches to/from Tarbert where event camping is based at the school. There are ferry sailings from Uig (Isle of Skye) to Tarbert and from Ullapool to Stornoway and we will provide coaches to/from Tarbert.

It is important to note that the driving time from Glasgow/Edinburgh is 75 minutes LESS to Ullapool than to Uig. We expect that there will not be enough capacity for everyone who wishes to travel as a foot passenger from Uig at 18:30 on Thursday 31st May. I recommend that those who wish to drive for a shorter time and are used to travelling home from a LAMM in the Ullapool area on a Sunday afternoon, choose the Ullapool - Stornoway option. You will arrive in Ullapool at 10:30 with a whole day to travel home.

Calmac Ferries From Scottish Mainland on Thursday 31st May

  • Uig 09:30 - Tarbert 11:10
  • Uig 18:30 - Tarbert 20:10

  • Ullapool 10:30 - Stornoway 13:00 + Coach to Tarbert 14:30
  • Ullapool 17:30 - Stornoway 20:00 + Coach to Tarbert 21:30

Calmac Ferries Soon After the Event

  • Ferry Tarbert 21:10 (Sat) - Uig 22:50 (Sat)
  • Ferry Tarbert 16:25 (Sun) - Uig 18:05 (Sun)

  • Coach from Tarbert 17:00 (Sat) - Stornoway (Sat) 18:00
  • Coach from Tarbert 06:00 (Sun) - Stornoway (Sun) 07:00
  • Coach from Tarbert 11:00 (Sun) - Stornoway (Sun) 12:00
  • Coach from Tarbert 12:00 (Sun) - Stornoway (Sun) 13:00

  • Ferry Stornoway (Sun) 08:00 - Ullapool (Sun) 10:30
  • Ferry Stornoway (Sun) 15:00 - Ullapool (Sun) 17:30

If you intend to spend a few days on the Outer Hebrides before/after the event, please book your car and passengers yourself at Please don't bring a car to Harris if you are only coming for the event. We will advise you where you can leave your car at Ullapool or Uig. If you are travelling to the island on foot, please book all your passenger tickets as part of your online entry so that we can help Calmac manage such a large number of passengers on the ferries. If you wish to leave Tarbert on the Saturday evening ferry, we will recommend a place for you to camp on Skye. Now go plan your adventure!

Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon