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The Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon

Keswick Mountain Festival - Mini LAMM Taster 2007
Wednesday 16th - Friday 18th May
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INTRODUCTION The LAMM takes place each year at a different magnificent mountain venue in the Scottish Highlands. This exciting challenge event is based at George Fisher and is designed as a taster to introduce competitors to Mountain Marathons. The event is registered with West Cumberland Orienteering Club as it is a long distance orienteering event and it will take place on Wednesday 16th - Friday 18th May. It is open to all who have a reasonable level of fitness, hill and navigational skills. Please register on the day for the event at George Fisher between 9am - 1pm and aim to arrive at the start location no later than 1.30pm. Individuals, small groups or family groups can participate but if you register as a group, you must stay together. Each group will be given a 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey map in a waterproof plastic bag marked with the START location which is on the outskirts of Keswick, approximately 30 minutes gentle walk from George Fisher. Twenty or so checkpoint locations are also marked on the map and the FINISH location which is at George Fisher's shop. You can pay £1 extra if your group needs an additional map.

It is best to come along to the shop ready to go but if you have forgotten an item of required kit, there will be an opportunity to return to your car or accommodation in Keswick on the way to the start. At registration you will also be given a SPORTident electronic timing card (SI-Card). You will need to pay the event fee of £10 and a £15 deposit for your SI-Card. We suggest you bring a debit/credit card with you to leave your deposit. The deposit will be refunded as long as you return to George Fisher with your SI-Card intact.

WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO The aim is to navigate to some or all of the checkpoint locations in any order and return to the FINISH at George Fisher within 4 hours of starting. You will need to time yourself to ensure that you don't finish late. It is essential that you return to the shop no later than 5.45pm as the shop will close at 6pm. Each checkpoint is marked by an orange orienteering kite which will become visible when you are within 25M of the checkpoint. Checkpoints have point scores associated with them and the checkpoints with the highest scores are generally sited furthest from the centre of Keswick. When you arrive at a checkpoint, you locate a small electronic box and dip SI-Card into a cylindrical hole in the station. A beep and a flash from the box confirms your visit to the checkpoint and adds your points to the SI-Card. Try to devise an optimal route via a number of checkpoints to use your 4 hours wisely and generate as high a score as possible. If you return to George Fisher more than 4 hours after you start, points will be deducted from your score for every minute you are late.

TERRAIN The terrain will not be too rough and as this introduction to Mountain Marathons could take place in the best or worst of summer weather, the checkpoints will not be sited on the tops of mountains or on ground that is too steep.

There are three categories - Walker, Intermediate and Expert. When you register for the event, please choose a suitable category. Expert is intended for orienteers and fell runners while Walker is for those who will make this a relatively gentle day out. The SPORTident software will calculate results for each category and a prize of a Contour Runner pack will be donated by Lowe Alpine for the best performance on each of the three days in each category. If you are still in George Fisher just before 6pm, you should be able to collect your prize. If you can't stay, prizes will be mailed out to winners and results will be displayed each evening on the LAMM Taster web page at and at

KIT YOU MUST CARRY Even though this is the summer, you should still be prepared to be out in the worst of weather. There are a few items of equipment that each participant must wear or carry to be both safe on the fells and to locate the checkpoints. It will of course be possible to make last minute purchases at George Fisher. GPS Devices are not allowed at this event - If you use one you will lose all your points and not be eligible for a prize.

The list of compulsory items is as follows:

  • Map, Compass and Whistle
  • Waterproof top and bottoms
  • Lightweight boots, fell running or orienteering shoes - no flat-soled trainers with high heel permitted
  • Hat and gloves if cold and windy weather
  • Sufficient food/drink for 5 hours
  • Pen/pencil for any final instructions

  • Also recommended - Small first aid kit to include wound dressings (one large) and a narrow roll of bandage
  • Also recommended - a mobile phone in a waterproof bag but you can't ring the emergency number just because you are having trouble locating a checkpoint
  • Also recommended - a small amount of money


The LAMM Team look forward to meeting you between Wednesday 16th - Friday 18th May.

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Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

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