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Mark Seddon and Mark Hartell - Elite course overnight leaders by 7 minutes Elite, A, B, C, D course overnight leaders start day 2 at 7:00 Phil Janaway and Colin Banks third overnight on the A course mark up their map The only way is up! Getting in order for the chasing start The main field decamps The hills were shrouded with cloud at 7am when the chasing starts began - view from the route that most teams took John Noblett from the A team that was leading overnight, visits the first control. He and Andy Lewsley held their position to finish in first place The close placing of first controls on the A, B, C and D courses tested teams navigation. The B team that were second overnight pause to check A team arriving at the first control on the B course Running downhill from the shoulder of Beinn a' Ghlo with Loch Loch in the background. No, that's not a typo - it's really called that! Zooming downhill towards Glen Loch Steep approach to the first control on the C course Team 185, Nick Robinson and Douglas Gurr running past Loch Loch David Fussell, a B course competitor, joins the crowd climbing above Glen Loch C course teams approach their second control - a hilltop Most teams (Elite, A, B, C and Novice) visited control 154, a cairn with a cave-like shelter below it. Many paused here for refreshment A team reach the cairn, control 154, after a stiff climb Nearing the finish - a glance down to the Dalmulzie Hotel and Gleann Taitneach, site of the Day 1 starts Most of Day 2 was over rolling grassy hills Civilisation in sight! Checking the route to the penultimate control Teams joined a welcome grassy path for the final descent from the hills. They were surprised to find arrows waymarking the route, which is part of the Cateran Trail - a six-day circular long distance path that starts in Blairgowrie The final control and the event centre is in sight - just a 1.2km run in to the finish to go Some competitors travel to the LAMM in style. Stop Press - Adrian Moir has now found the keys to his helicopter Several competitors found the energy to bring back trophies from the hills As usual with the LAMM, the sun came out at the finish, encouraging competitors to sit outside with their Wilf's meal, watching the later teams come in

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Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon