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First Control B Course Over the top of Troisgeach D competitors at the first check point . . Sunday morning on the B course.  Team B32 both made it to the other side, eventually A gentle climb to ease into day 1 FIFA madness grips overnight camp (ENG 1 - USA 1) Happy LAMM’ers on route to checkpoint 3 (day 2) Cliffhanger At rest Ben Lui Mid camp Resting after Day 1 D Class just before Checkpoint 2 Racing off Beinn Bhuidhe That's not on the map! Beinn Bhuidhe's busiest day ever... Happy marshalls 1 Happy marshalls 2 Jon Brooke working hard . . Wet feet, to the start D - course, day 1 On the way to control 1, D course, Sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) control 128 B.course control 5- 125- D course 1st day running to Ben Vane 2nd day walking to the start Patrick Manzi right by Control number 2 (day 1 Ben Vane??) for the C course Paul Klinkert on his way up to Control number 4 on Day 2 (Benn Bhuidhe) in the fog Friday night pre race preparation!!! Mid camp Mid camp . . B after control 4, crossing Bein Damhain B approaching control 2 B just after 1st control B on way to control 2 Piper At The Gates Of Dawn The Summit Sunday morning woken by the 'pipes' Day 1 B course between #1 and #2 Day 2 - somewhere in the mists! Day 2 B course between #5 and #6 Day 1 B course approaching #2 Day 1 B course near #3 Day 2 B course between #5 and #6 . . Toiling up Beinn Ime The Cobbler from Beinn Ime Big Mistake B course Day 1 searching for control point 5 B course Day 1 ascent after control point 1 D class coach - leaving event centre Sat am . . It doesn't get better than this! It's just over there... First day nr control 5 before decent to overnight camp Second day at summit (oh joy!!) Nick Marr, score course, Day one On the way down Newton Hill Day 2 Course C. The finish line is in sight!! :-) Two Lamm teams on their way up to the  Cobbler, early on Saturday Glen Fyne, and sleepy competitors . . . . . In Action Summitting Beinn Dubhchraig Andy Cochrane (D5) checks his map to see if there is a train coming! Euan Cameron (D5) stretches his legs after the first day while Andy Cochrane grabs a nap at MidCamp C Class CP2 Saturday Ben Vane Glen Fyne or Glastonbury? Rob Jones on the B course Rob Jones on the B course P & P Services with a smile Dam Fyne LAMM Niels and Neal on the top of Beinn Bhuidhe Out on the D course . . Day 1 after the first checkpoint on D Course D course Day 2 above Lochan Shira up towards Beinn an t-Sithein C Class CP2 Saturday - coming off Ben Vane

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Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon