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David Birch (D Course) weighing up the navigational options at Check Point 2 - Day 1 Is that a balloon he's pumping, or is he just pleased to have made it to the mid camp!? Day 1 on the route up from Bridge of Orchy to the first 'Dibber' ( for those of us on the novice course) The start of Day 2 at the mid camp as teams checked out their routes before setting off Halfway on day 1 Foot repairs above Loch Lyon Out on the course on day 1 Big Hill, Big Sky - Contouring round Beinn an Dothaidh just after control 1 on the Day 1 C course Mid-camp relaxation: 'Yes, I'm still flexible, even after a full day running through the hills!' Day 1 Team ascending to Guala Mhor, river in back is Allt Learg Mheuran Day 2 Fog setting in on 1029 meter high Stob an Fhir-Bhogha. Many teams needed lots of map checking there Mid camp Triumphant at reaching the top of yet another peak Keri marches on Craig Dring and Jan Scotchford on the A course crossing Meall Buidhe summit (978m) on way to the 4th control at Lochan a' Chreachain Competitors crossing from Sron a' Mhill Bhuidhe to the col NE of Creag a' Chaorainn leading to the 6th Control on the A Course Overlooking Alt Kinglass with Beinn Chaisteil behind from the shoulder of Beinn Mhanach Arriving at the event centre on Friday night Christian Borch on the A course, Day 1 Christian Borch on the A course, Day 1 Just after checkpoint 3 on the D course day 2 (Stob an Fhir Bhogha) Just before checkpoint 4 on the D course day 2 (going over the crags of Sail Dhubh) Studying the map at mid camp Day 2 D Course: Climbing up  to checkpoint 2 Day 1 D Course: Looking down to  Loch Lyon from Meall Buidhe between checkpoints 5 and 6 Traversing Glen Diamh, past the lovely Loch Diamh - between controls 4 and 5 on the C course, day 1 Cooling off . . . Andy Thorn and Jonny Woods discussing the length of the D course on Saturday ! Nic Greenway setting the pace past the northern corrie of Beinn Heasgarnich: D course Sunday D Course, Day 1 D Course, Day 1 Topping up on the novice course - Day 1 A knackered novice working hard at the mid-camp! . . Squatting Rights! Day 1 (B course) - Leaving the 3rd checkpoint and heading down Gleann Cailliche on the B course Day 1 (B course) - Heading away from 6th checkpoint along Creag Chaorainn - 'Only three to go....keep focused' Lone tent in the mist at the event centre On the way to the summit of Creag Mhor The event centre campsite on Saturday morning Beinn a' Chaisteil, B course 2nd leg on day 1

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Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon