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Martin Stone, the event organiser starts the prize giving Stuart and Kevin Nash, 6th on the D Course Photo 3 Ian Pudge and Wayne Percival, 4th on the D Course Andrew Gardiner and Matthew Hilton, 3rd on the D Course Scott Fraser and Iain Donnan, 2nd on the D Course Will Proctor and Anna Hicks, 11th overall and 1st Mixed on the D Course Joe Howard and Brian Dearnaley, 1st Vets on the D Course Photo 9 Sam Grummitt and Ian Scott, 7th on the C Course Steven Lord and Matthew Lawson, 6th on the C Course Shane Ohly and Richard Parry, 4th on the C Course Elizabeth Roche and Stuart Reid, 3rd overall and 1st Mixed team on the C Course Steve Clarke and Rob Harper, 2nd on the C Course Rebecca Kendall and Jannine Hensman, 5th overall and 1st Female team on the C Course Linda Smith and Gordon Scott, 3rd Mixed team on the C Course Geoff Causey and Les Swindin, 1st vets on the C Course Rob Pitts and Peter Scriven, C Course Winners Nick Thorpe and Bryan Stadden, 6th on the B Course Chris Rhodes and Martin Bath, 5th on the B Course Steve Hall and Pete Tryner, 4th on the B Course Steven Wright and Mark Yearsley, 3rd on the B Course Darrell High and Jeff Green, 2nd on the B Course Kirsty Bryan-Jones and Kirsten Ramsay, 7th overall and 1st female team on the B Course Phil and Sally Ward, 8th overall and 2nd Mixed team on the B Course Gordon Johnson and Yiannis Tridimas, 1st Vets on the B Course Karen and Rob Davison, Overall Winners and 1st Mixed Team on the B Course Adrian Walker and Phillip Gwilliam, 6th on the A Course Jerry Sharp and David Atkinson, 5th on the A course Phil Janaway and Colin Banks, 4th on the A Course Giles Hardingham and Jonathon Rabagliati, 2nd on the A Course Wendy Dodds and Nicky Lavery, 1st female team on the A Course Helen Thorburn and Geoff Kirk, 1st mixed team on the A Course Ken Howard and Dave Lambert, 3rd overall and 1st Vets on the A Course Andy Lewsley and John Noblett, A Course Winners Kenny Leitch and Nigel Bunn, 5th on the Elite Course Kevin and Quentin Harding, 4th on the Elite Course Tim Lenton who ran with Simon Bourne, 3rd on the Elite Course Mark Hartell and Mark Seddon, 2nd on the Elite Course John Hunt and Ifor Powell, Elite Winners John Hunt and Ifor Powell, Elite Winners

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Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon