Winners Reports

Elite Course – Duncan Archer and Shane Ohly

Another good day in the hills today. It was a course of two halves – lots of climbing in the first 2 hours culminating in a munro summit, then a great long downhill before the final undulating section. No need to push too hard, as we had a good cushion to the chasers (just as well as it sounds like they were really racing each other). Delighted to win the LAMM Elite!

A Course – Bryan Wakeley and Andy Charlton

As expected, a big climb to wake us up at the start of the day, followed by a couple of hours of good mountain running in the Fannichs. Then an energy sapping few hours once we crossed the road on classic mountain marathon bogs and tussocky ground. The finish down the path for the final few kms into the finish gave a fantastic conclusion to the day with stunning views of the area we had spent the last 2 days running around. Great to have the LAMM back after 3 years, the course was well worth the wait! Thanks to all the LAMM organisers.

B Course - Quentin and Zoe Harding

All my previous 13 LAMMs had been competing with my brother Kevin on the Elite course. Unfortunately Kevin has struggled with both injury and illness since before our last outing together at Beinn Dearg in 2011 and I had begun to relax, thinking I had retired from mountain marathons. Then my daughter Zoe suggested an entry this year as part of a longer family break in Scotland, this being her first LAMM. This year's hills were all new to both of us and we were glad that the weather was good enough to allow us to see some of their delights. In such weather conditions the course held few navigational difficulties for us so it was more down to how well we kept it together. Zoe led the way with her young legs and never wavered, my experienced legs just about remembered how to keep on her tail. We were surprised to have such a good lead from Day1. Apart from the 6am, this allowed us to relax a bit more on Day2, look at the views and enjoy our few hours in some lovely mountains. Thanks to the LAMM team for a superb weekend, we will be back if I can keep up with Zoe!

C Course – Simon Freytag & Richard Hope

A tougher day than we expected. Looking at the map the night before we had expected it would be a fairly straight run home, but the planner knew better and sent us on a wonderful mountain journey round the north corries of An Teallach. There was more running than Saturday, but on hard terrain. One exception was the dramatic white rock ribs which acted as highways through the heather. Our navigation today went well, hitting several useful and aesthetic lines through cliff bands by a combination of luck and judgement. On balance, we made better route choices than yesterday. The only hiccough was the last leg down to the road, where we dropped off too early, leading to an awful hack through bogs and forest near the main road, before gritting our teeth and climbing back up to marginally better ground. Once again, fantastic views today into Fisherfield and onto An Teallach, and ending up with a result we’re very pleased with. Thanks again to everyone who puts in so much work to make this event possible.

D Course – Sam & Lesley Gomersall

5am alarm, cold porrage, pack up and get to the start line for 6am. Then off again; tired legs; another big climb (but what did we expect). Into the fog, just for some extra navigational challenge. Then downhill; sore knees. When the fog cleared the view was spectacular, Fisherfield hills and AnTeallach from Craig Pannaich, a hill less visited. The last proper leg involved some serious contouring below An Teallach; too high, too low? Luckily we got relocated before heading in to the last knoll. Then down to the finish. Just the Rhododendrons left to fight through. Pleased, if a bit surprised to be first home. A great weekend all round. Thanks

Score Course - Bill Johnson & Phil Scarf

With no chasing start on the Score, we could have a leisurely start time... but not a leisurely run, with a slender 16 point lead over Darrell High and Daniel Holmberg. Deciding that the western controls were not a good option, we picked up the two in the valley and then the four controls over Creag Rainich. Made a minor route error at #123 (20) and again at #126 (10), but that was it.

The crux came when down in the valley at #126, with 3.5 hours still to go. The 'safe' option was to collect all the northerly controls from there, which would be no problem in that time, score a decent 215 and have a pleasant run. Or we could do the huge climb of Beinn a Chlaidheimh. We estimated 1hr15 to get up, 40 mins to get down and in the remaining 95 mins we would get all but the two most northerly controls - for a score of 235. But that came with a risk of either underestimating how long the climb & descent would take, or trashing our legs and being well over time. Not knowing whether our competitors would do it, we decided we had to take on the climb. We were 5 minutes under our estimate on the way up and another 5 minutes under on the descent. However the final controls took longer than expected - the going was slower than we thought - so we ended up racing into the finish 3 minutes late, for 229 points. As it turned out, the other fast teams generally went for the south-westerly controls that we had rejected, and absolutely no-one else did that climb!

Thank you Martin and everyone else involved for the best mountain marathon event on the calendar. Long may it continue!


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Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon