Transport From Inverness Airport/Railway Station

Inverness is the closest airport to the LAMM venue. Not many of you appear to need transport from Inverness to the venue and so instead of providing a coach, we will help you to advertise your requirement for a lift with someone else arriving at about the same time who has already hired a car or who lives in Inverness.

Avis and Europcar are based at Inverness Airport and are open late enough for those arriving on the last flight.

If you would like to add yourself to the list of those wishing to share transport from Inverness, please EDIT MY ENTRY and add your details.

If you are able to help out with transport, please contact folk on the list below.

When you have been able to find some transport, please email me and I will remove you from the list.

GAS CANISTERS: You cannot carry these canisters on an aircraft. Please contact Compass Point so that they can bring the right type of gas canister to the event for you. Contact Rick Houghton at or telephone 01253 795597.

List of Those Needing Transport From Inverness

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