Overnight Leaders

Elite: Duncan Archer & Shane Ohly

Wow, we were beyond impressed with the location – stunning views and amazing peaks (although not quite tempting enough to bag any munros that weren’t on the course). The weather was great for the most part, so much so that we chose a route with a short swim across a loch on one leg to cool down. The courses were well planned with some good choices, and looking forward to the Fannichs tomorrow. Great to see the LAMM back on the calendar again this year!

Course A: Bryan Wakeley and Andy Charlton

The best LAMM we’ve done so far - continuously breathtaking views and good running throughout. To summit An Teallach was a phenomenal start to the day and things went well for us throughout with some lovely steep technical descents and plenty of long climbs. Excellent route planning and stunning campsite which is so far unexpectedly midge-free! Happy days – looking forward to the Fannichs tomorrow and Wilfs at the finish. A big thanks to the LAMM team.

Course B: Quentin and Zoe Harding

This was a new wilderness for both of us, and we very much enjoyed our day over the Fannich forest, with the highlight being the awesome views from the ridge over Meall Corm. We ran a technically stable race, and were happy with our main route choices. We look forward to the new challenges An Teallach brings tomorrow.

Many thanks to all the LAMM team whose efforts made the event possible.

Course C: Simon Freytag and Richard Hope

We had a great day and enjoyed the weather, views (north to Assynt, south to Torridon), location and runnable terrain. Our navigation went well, but perhaps some of our route choices took on climbs where traverses were faster, to judge from those around us (but we did bag an extra munro!). The run home was quite tough with some unexpectedly rough ground on tiring legs, but we held on. The mid-camp has indeed been a treat, with dry grass to lie on, and only one thunderstorm interlude. Simon never enjoys the chasing starts so is slightly anxious about tomorrow, so fingers crossed for another good day. We are looking forward to (maybe?) crossing Fisherfield Forest and seeing some more great scenery. Thanks for being back with another great MM!

Course D: Sam and Lesley Gomersall

How ideal does it get; a sunny Friday evening with few if any midges, then clear sunny Saturday morning still with no midges. A surprise bus took us to the D class and score starts, then we were off. Being used to orienteering maps everything takes a while on a 1:40,000. We hit the ridge a bit early on the first control and hunted; luckily we found it soon. Then we were in our stride, Sam out in front and Lesley behind. A long leg with route choice was interesting, we found a reasonable way. Views from the tops were spectacular, Coigach to the North and Torridon to the South. Let’s hope day 2 is just as good. Good work Martin and the rest of the team.

Score: Bill Johnson & Phil Scarf

Despite having each done lots of mountain marathons, and being friends & clubmates, Phil Scarf and I have never paired for an event before – partly as we’re both navigators, so not sure how it would work. But we had a great day one, no fallings-out over route choices and a fine day’s running. Amazingly, my last LAMM was 20 years ago – the fabulous Jura 1997. Today’s weather briefly compared to that incredible weekend, but not all the time – the hail was unpleasant, and made the choice for us about whether to go up or down at that point. Down it definitely was!

Bill Johnson

Was that your last LAMM Bill? I was there too. Never forget that...ran out of water, had heat exhaustion and sat in the loch at the finish for an hour to cool off. But returning to this event, we went East from the start for a 20 and the 50, and then onto the ridge to get a 20 and the 30 on Beinn Mhor Fannich, down to the lochan where we didn’t risk the swim and the hail started. We then revised our route and ran through the finish picking up two 30s on the way and did a 100 point loop that included the 40. The run in was fast as we chased the clock, Bill carried my bag, and he ran the legs off me.

Phil Scarf

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Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon