Competitor Feedback

I didn't get the chance for a chat after prize giving, but just wanted to say thanks - in the 27 years I've been doing mountain marathons, this was the best and most enjoyable. I know the need to pull it a few years ago must have been frustrating, but it was well worth the wait.
Patrick Bonnett

I wanted to thank you for the effort and for putting on such a brilliant event. It was my first MM and I had an absolutely fantastic time… I am usually an ultra-person, but this was just brilliant and I have been boring everyone stupid with stories about wild deer and only one fence in 45km, and drinking stream water and bagging my first Munro and heather as coarse as wire brushes and bog that you can sink to your knees in and midges and the piper waking us up and the amount of daylight there is up there…. Absolutely brilliant and well done to each and every one of you!! Thank you so much it was something I will always remember, even if I struggle to pronounce half of the names of the mountains and hills.
John Moreton

I am writing to say thanks for a fantastic experience earlier this month. The terrain was rocky and in places steep but the appeal of running in the mountains is why we came. As well as the hills, the people we met were incredible. I had watched the video of the Strathcarron LAMM from 2014 over winter and particularly liked what the two veteran LAMM runners (Dave Thomson and Keith Bell) had to say about their experiences over 20 years of competing. It was delighted that we got to chat with them on the friday night after making camp. It was also a pleasure to share the experience with a close friend (steven feltbower) who I have run with for over 5 years as it gave us both a new and ambitious goal. Steve has a lot of orienteering and hill running experience and this transferred really well to the LAMM. I have come from a background of Munro-walking and Hill-running. Neither of us had competed in a mountain marathon before. We were both extremely pleased that this year's LAMM was held in the Northwest Highlands. The last time I had come to this part of Scotland had been a solo trip taking in An Teallach and a couple of the Fisherfield peaks. As well as needing an excuse to come back I had wanted my friend Steve to see it and experience the magic of the NW Highlands. Your route planner (Andy Spenceley) did a fine job. The organisation from start to finish was superb, you have thought of everything from the pre-race information, music and food on the friday night to the stunning location at Loch a' Bhraoin (and porta-loos!) to the prize-giving and chance for everyone to celebrate this years LAMM. It is truly a remarkable achievement to have put this all together and I do thank you for coming back after a break to do this. Thanks again for a wonderful weekend and no doubt we'll be back next year.
Eliot Sedman

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you. I ran D this year, introducing my eldest son to mountain marathons for the first time. I just had the most amazing weekend and I know you now have another future competitor in my son, who loved it too. Thank you so very much to you and your team. I've done other MMs; yours is the best. This year was my favourite so far. The location (and the weather) and the people really made it quite special. It seems so relaxed but I'm guessing it must be quite a challenge to organise! I hope you are resting your feet with a beer in hand. You deserve it! Please keep up the great work. Be seeing you.
Andy Cook

Welcome back to you and all the team. A great thank you for an outstanding event. The courses were excellent the terrain challenging (hence a 36 min late finish in the score). But you have captured what mountain marathons are about, not commercial, fun tough and demanding! The race info on the website captures the essence of this fun and detailed. I was especially grateful of the allowance for gps watches on track mode. I can honestly say I did not use mine to navigate but have already began analysing where we went wrong this was an excellent choice thank you for allowing it. All the staff were helpful polite and smiling. It was great to see the LAMM back and it is the premier race. Long may it continue!
Andy Lewis

Best LAMM I've done. 10 out of 10 for everything. Maybe biased because I think NW Highlands is such an amazing landscape. Scotland is the only place in the UK for a proper mountain marathon. We send a really big thank you to you, and all the team, for putting on a fantastic weekend for us competitors (we did the easy bit). I know you had some challenges but you seem to have the skills and experience to make things happen, despite any obstacles in your way. It was my daughters first LAMM and she absolutely loved it.
Paul & Amelia Hunt

Thanks for a brilliant event. I would just like to say thanks for the great weekend and all the hard work that you put into organising the LAMM. We had a fantastic weekend and I wanted to give you some direct feedback. The level of organisation is just right and not overbearing as it seems to be with some other races - please keep it up.

We thought that this years D course was just right - good length, interesting enough and challenging at that level for new starters and people with worn out knees! Due to advancing years we dropped down from the C to the D course in the last race (over 30 years of MMs) and felt that in Strathcarron the D course was way too long. This time it was spot on and it was good to be able to tell the planner that at the mid way camp (you may remember talking to us as we were first to download). Day 2 was just as good.

With the really challenging nature of the Strathcarron D course we were worried that new, younger competitors would get put off. It was a pleasure to see some younger teams really enjoy this year. We have noticed that the average age in all MMs seems to have been creeping up, and entry numbers down, and I would hate to see it decline as a sport.

Sincere thanks to all of your team who make this happen - please carry on! Everything was right this w/e - and the toilets at the mid way camp were phenomenal! Hope to be back next year.
Jon May

Good morning, I'm hoping it's dry in Scotland today for the control collecting... No need to reply as I'm sure it's a hectic tidy up week. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you for delivering, as always, an event that's not only professional and challenging but somehow manages to keep a unique, intimate, calm and utterly delightful atmosphere. See you in 2018 :)
Amanda Crawshaw

Just a quick email to say thanks very much, to you and everyone who made it possible, for a fabulous weekend. An amazing intro to MM-ing for my daughter Lucy, and a memory that she is sure to cherish for a very long time (and not just for the spectacle of my unexpected 'swim' just half a mile from the finish). PS I can't believe that I let 15 years pass before following up on my own LAMM debut - shameful!

Jim Hart

Thanks again for a superb weekend, one of the best areas possible and well worth the wait. For me, the LAMM is a class above the other mountain marathons in the calendar for the terrain and scenery is first class, along with a seemingly very smooth organisation team. Challenging courses all round, we enjoyed the D class, leg 3-4 on day 1 for route choice will live long in the memory. Yet another stunning remote midcamp and a great day 2, tricky by the descent to control 3 and a jaw dropping setting of An Teallach's large eastern corrie at control 6. Well worth the 9 hour journey from the North West of England. It has been suggested for future that a little more time be given for announcing the venue, maybe a week before, to help plan the logistics of the journey up North. Thank you Martin and all of his superb helpers. See you at LAMM 2018.
Darren Baker and Michelle Spencer

Just a quick note of thanks for an excellent weekend again. What an absolute pleasure to be racing around the "Great Wilderness" and environs, a real tour de force for the LAMM and spectacular return to form after a couple of difficult years for you, I'm sure. I managed to secure a conference in Switzerland this week so ended up flying from New Zealand to the UK a few days earlier specifically to compete - the toughest part being driving from Winchester to Dundonnell - and, as ever, had a fabulous time in my favourite mountain area of the world. Your vision of the LAMM is extraordinary: there's quite some audacity in setting a race through the Fisherfields and Fannichs (especially with some fairly sporting river crossings in bad weather!). Really happy memories that will live with me for many years. Particularly a cheeky lochan wade to a checkpoint on day 1 of the score class while everyone else was battering the long way around through heather on the shoreline! As always the event was friendly, supportive, sporting and with great attention to detail. Particularly impressed with your ability to organise good weather for the halfway camp and enough wind to blow away the midges!

I had a quick count up and am proud to have been to Black Mount, Glen Shiel, Kinloch Laggan, Glenshee, Mull, Glen Lochay and Strathcarron events previously, usually with red and white tape on the tent just in case. The LAMM remains a fabulous weekend, and completely unlike anything I can get in NZ. Thanks so much for organising over the years - and particularly for such a great weekend this time. I just need an excuse to come back next year :-) Many thanks again Martin - greatly appreciate the hard work!
Ben Brockway

Thank you ever so much for another superb event. We really enjoyed the course and visiting a new part of Scotland that we hadn't been to before. It was good to finally get my brother along to do his first mountain marathon (after years of trying) and his comments summed it up nicely: "Event was great… amazing terrain and landscape… lovely people and atmosphere… weather was very kind…"
As an organiser of events myself I find it hard to believe just how much time and effort it must take to put together an event like the LAMM. I am amazed by what you and your team must have to do, to lay on an event like this and to ensure it runs smoothly. Hats off to you and all who helped out. The efforts of everyone involved were very much appreciated. Hope you are able to find a bit of time to take a well-deserved break!
Daniel Carrivick

Thank you very much for a terrific weekend…I wear my t-shirt with pride and it has already been much commented upon, both by those 'in the know' and others alike…
Jonathan Carrivick

Just a short note to thank you and your team for a wonderful event organised this weekend. I would not call myself a veteran but I have done a number of mountain marathons; this weekend was without doubt the hardest but most rewarding I have done. Clearly a lot of the success of a MM is the setting and you picked a beauty there. Not sure why Peter Jackson went all the way to NZ to film Lord of the Rings, he could have seen Middle Earth this weekend.
Tom Sidaway

Just to say a huge thanks to you and your team for the 2017 LAMM - another fantastically organised event in a superb location. Thanks for all your hard work.
Susan Blackwood - who took part in the first LAMM

Thanks for a great event and my favourite mountain marathon!
Bill Johnson

That was a splendid weekend in the Fannichs-Fisherfield area, brilliantly organised, and a welcome return of this great event. Thank you very much for all you put into it. Looking forward to next year.
Graham Arthur - Organiser of the Bens of Jura Fell Race

Just a quick note to say how much my mum and I enjoyed the LAMM, thank you. It's a cracking event, and very special. I don't think it will be a problem to attract 500 teams in future years, it just needs a bit more publicity via social media channels. Happy to help out where I can in this regard. I've done a small write up, which will feature in 'Part 1 of Adventures of the Bump' on my blog.
Jasmin Paris

I would just like to thank you personally for a truly fabulous weekend and what must be one of the best running events anywhere. It was my first LAMM and I hope the start of many, many more. Indeed this is also a plea for a LAMM 2018! And I'm sure after the great success of this year there will be great demand for it. The amount of work you (and your team) have put in to ensure this was a success is most likely mind boggling, but it really is appreciated.
Pete Curtis

Just wanted to thank you and the team again for another fantastic event. A beautiful area which sounds like it has produced some serious logistical headaches! I think the LAMM is probably the one event where you are surrounded by likeminded people. Really pleased to see it back on the calendar this year after a few years break and looking forward to next year already. Hopefully I'll be fit again to tackle the elite...
Alex McVey

What a fantastic event it was. I put some photos of our wanderings onto facebook and they received a superb response. - even from the "non believers".
Ian Hay - who marked control sites, deployed controls and collected them in

I just wanted to say a big fat thank you. Myself and my brother had a really great time. The only problem is that getting back to the office seems a little dull when what I really want to be doing is puffing up a hill or sliding around in a bog. Anyway, thank you very much. It was worth waiting for.
Jonny Woods

Just a quick email to say many thanks for a superb weekend and also the loan of the dibber… An Teallach is one of my favourite bits of Scotland so it was wonderful to be there and with such good courses in terms of route choice, plus a quality beer afterwards (well when I got home). Many thanks again, 100% worth it.
Sarah Rowell

Fabulous event. Super course. Very well organised. Really enjoyed it.
Christpher Barnes

Many thanks for another excellent event and glad that it has got even better after the long 'sabbatical'! Had I known where it was to be I would have planned to stay in the area and am always happy to collect in CPs. A huge thank you to all the helpers. It was good to have the traditional MM route choice with definitive CPs, though CP3 on day 2 would have been challenging without visibility. We enjoyed the lack of people on our routes, particularly on day 2 with our very early start. We did get crag fast on 2 occasions on day 2 due to unmarked crags in the Fannichs
I forgot to ask at the o/n camp if anyone had picked up a blue Salomon collapsible water bottle between CP 1-3 on A on Saturday or even if anyone on other courses may have seen it on Sunday. More concerned about the 'litter' than the bottle.
Wendy Dodds

Well done, again! Everything seemed to go really well. Hope you can enjoy some well-earned rest! Here's the quotation I mentioned: "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people and don't assign them tasks and work but rather teach them to long for the immensity of the sea [and hills]... Antoine de Saint Exupery
Hillary Spenceley - LAMM Marshal

I am sure there will be lots to do today but I wanted to write and say thank you for an awesome weekend. I am sure everyone really appreciated all of the effort that goes into this. I hadn't done a MM before so was looking forward to it with a mixture of excitement and fear! My partner did the C course ended up taking a big detour early on which set us back quite a bit, we then ran into some proper weather mid afternoon on the tops. We ended up doing 30k all in so not a bad day out by any means and definitely a learning experience for next time. Out of interest was the D course less technical? If you are able to I'd be interested in seeing the coordinates for it. Hope everyone got back safe and sound.
Alan Thornburrow

Great event this weekend - congratulations! Brilliant area. We have never been north of Fort William/Inverness before. Beautiful wide landscape with impressive mountains, waterfalls, etc. We enjoyed the score event. Quite tired the second day, but managed to squeeze out a few points.
Looking forward to the next one! Thank you
Erwin and Janneke van Vroenhoven - Organisers of the Kong Mini Mountain Marathons

I wasn't a competitor in your Fisherfield LAMM, but I did have serious envy seeing you guys as I left the area on Saturday morning. I hope your event went well, with no mishaps, and beers and medals all round in the evening. I did An Telleach the day before (Friday) and I'm up for a RAB MM later this year. Althought I thought my running days were behind me, I'd like to have done yours.
Simon Kay

Martin, six of us came up this year, with two more promising to be back next year having missed this one. I have been on the LAMMs since 2004, and each one has been fantastic. But I could not believe the map this year - what an area to race across. Thank you so much to you and your planners and marshalls for a perfect weekend.
Lawrence Rowland

What an awesome weekend, loved the mystery start, the view-tastic route and everything else about it - worth every minute of the 9hr drive with a baby and grandparents!! Thank you organisers and marshalls, you're amazing.
Jacqui Hawkins

Firstly I would like to thank you and the LAMM team for organising such an incredible event that my Dad and I thoroughly enjoyed! It was my first ever ultra marathon and I am now 100% hooked! I am planning to compete in another this summer and will definitely be back next year for LAMM 2018 to compete with my brother. It was one of the most incredible weekends my Dad and I have shared, full of unforgettable memories and laughs (only a few tears!). Thanks again!!

I hope you like the photo! We took it at checkpoint 3, day 2, course B. The most beautiful spot on the course.
Issy Steele

Having done my first back on Arran in 1996 and few inbetween this has been one of the best course a true classic from route selection to the scenery. I will continue to try to encourage old friends to put on their fell shoes and come along next time. Thank you and your team once again.
Pat Blythe

Thank you for a great weekend. So pleased the LAMM is back. The country was amazing, the new score penalties really focussed the mind and the prize giving rounded everything off. I know how difficult it is to gain the estates permissions, thank you for your efforts it really is worth while, it's a great event.
John Vasey

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for organising LAMM this year. I did take part back in the Arrochar Alps event and have done my share of OMMs and Highlanders over the years but LAMM2017 was special. The weather, the setting but most of all the atmosphere - band, beer, food and a general friendly buzz of excitement. I had a punt at A class for the first time, running for the first time with a new running partner. I am training to run across Scotland on trail over 6 days, 40miles a day, in September - just me and a friend - raising money and awareness about the work Maggie's centres do to support people with cancer and their families and friends. LAMM was part of the test to see if 10hrs of running was possible day after day. You did not disappoint. Two epic days on A class.
Corri Black

As somebody who has planned a couple of OMM's myself I thought I would share some feedback on the Planner's performance and courses. I haven't read anybody elses as of yet so these are straight off my pen unadulterated. I did the SCORE so only refer to that course. I thought day 1 was excellent in its planning in that there were numerous options that could be taken with variants at every control in terms of changing strategy. Most options offered a route to the overnight camp that would get one in on time. I for example are well clapped out age wise and chose the 50 pointer and got in on time. That was not my best option I consequently found out. There were many conundrums and risks on day 1 such as how to get the 40 pointer beyond the overnight camp and get back on time. It was well done I think and worth applauding.

Day 2 was somewhat more limited with the usual problems of one hour less and a reasonable slog from the OC back to the finish. Again a good choice was on offer with the day before's 40 pointer being a red herring that would not allow time to go up the hill above the OC if taken. All in all well planned and the terrain was difficult to exploit on day 2 as it is actually dangerous in places. The only slightly negative comment I would make is that the route down the waterfall on day 2 was very risky and in bad weather and poor visibility there may have been incidents. Worth considering for future events as I recall a similar risk at Strathcarron when the event was there on day 2 with dangerous travels through crags on direct routes.

All in all a very well planned route. Andy did the event justice. You might want to consider at least 20% extra toilets next time and a cover or gazebo for socialising around results would be good in bad weather. Minor points and I know it's windy and not easy to erect cover.
Michael Stewart

Thanks to you and your team for running an amazing event. This was my first mountain marathon and I had an absolute blast. The amount of organisation that must have gone into running it staggers my mind. Well done and thank you to you and your team. Can't wait to get my T Shirt. I'm going to wear it all the time, even when I should probably change it and my friends and family start to complain about the smell.
John Mair

A bit late but THANK YOU for such a great event. How is it that I - the writer of books on how to navigate - goes and gets a grid ref wrong ….. a bit slip shod but influenced by someone (mention no names) who said you couldn't get down to the stream junction below the waterfall from the top!! So I just ignored it and plumped for the stream junction above. Heh ho! Despite that we were so glad to be there in such tremendous landscapes. I hope you will do another.
Carol McNeill

I want to thank you all for putting up such a great competition, the area was both astounding and powerful.
Michael Lönn


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