Update 18:00 Friday: There has been some acceleration of the rain tomorrow. Thus it is likely to be more generally cloudy tomorrow afternoon with a few spots of rain possible at any time - and with the more general rain likely to arrive before 6pm

Friday Update: There has been no general change to the forecast since yesterday.

Saturday: It still should stay dry throughout the day with sunny periods during the morning and only a slow increasing amounts of high cloud from the south during the afternoon. I can't see the risk of any hill fog, at least to be concerned about. Winds on the hills will be generally southeasterly and for much of the time should stay below 30 mph.

Sunday: Saturday night might well be pretty wet with some heavy bursts and cloud lowering onto the hills, but at present by Sunday morning this should have cleared. Any lingering hill fog should then disperse during the first part of the morning with probably a fair amount of sunshine, at least for a time. Clouds will increase by midday with an increasing risk of showers by afternoon, possibly with short lived heavy bursts. However amounts of hill fog should stay very limited. Winds will be mostly southerly, below 30 mph at first but possibly with gusts approaching 50 mph later, especially near any showers.

Colin Scrimgeour


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