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Kindly Provided by David Braine at the BBC Weather Centre

We hope to bring you a weather forecast for the LAMM area every evening until Friday evening.

Synoptic situation for the weekend 18/19th June 2005
High in the southern end of the North Sea and a low way out in the Atlantic trap moist air over the local area for much of tonight and Saturday. A cold front is expected to cross the area early on Sunday giving fresher, clearer, condtions as well as some early rain. The area currently lies in a warm, humid, moderate SW'ly backing S'ly flow.

On Saturday after a fair amount of low cloud and mist it will brighten up for a time then the hill fog and low cloud will return into the evening and overnight, visibility over the hills likely to be less than 100m where the hill fog lies. On Sunday morning the cold front will bring some patchy rain and extensive hill fog but it will quickly clear through and then the cloud will lift to sunny spells and scattered showers.

S'ly 12-17kts on Saturday morning increasing to 15-20kts by Saturday evening, same direction for 2000ft but add 8kts of wind. On Sunday the S'ly will veer SW'ly and ease down to 10-15kts by the afternoon.

16-18C at lower levels for Saturday (possibly a humid 20C where there are breaks in the cloud), 12-14C on the Mt at 2000ft cooler on Sunday with 14-17C and temperatures on the Mts at 2000ft 8-10C

Note: with high humidity it will feel very warm on Saturday with a risk of dehydration but cooler on Sunday, good luck !

Here are the Charts At Present For:

Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event