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The Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon

Prize Giving Photos

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Corinne Lendon & Richard Dearden
1st Novice

John Kelly & Brian Cox
Vets Handicap D

Roger Jackson & Margaret Mackenzie
Mixed D

Sue Harding & Susan Brown
1st Female D

Aaron Macneil & Nick Graham
8th D

Roger Mapleson & Craig Marsden
6th D

James Ashworth & Tanya Meredith
4th D

Damian Warren & Francis Casson
3rd D

Jamie Megaw & Simon Vogwell
2nd D

Stephen Martin & Tim Martin
Winners D

Geoff Causey & John Oaks
1st Vets C

Andy Birnie & Emma Birnie
Mixed C

Susie Allison & Julia Allison
1st Female C

Matt Eckman & Adrian Spencer
7th C

Natasha Fellowes & Dave Reynolds
6th C

Andy Airey & Simon Noble
5th C

Martyn Tunstall & Paul O'Brien
3rd C

Mark Robson & David Henderson
2nd C

Toby Miles & Phil Carpenter
Winners C

Mike Berry & Mac Knowles
1st Vet B

Toby Rider & John Rider
8th B

Steve Watkins & Joyce Marshall
Mixed B

Emil Ljungdahl & Rickard Seger
7th B

Mark Yearsley & Steven Wright
5th B

Michael Robinson & Anna Forrest
4th B

Peo & Joakim Halvarsson
2nd B

Jane Leather & Susan Clough
1st Female A

Alex Pilkington & Jon Murfin
8th A

Duncan Francis & Ciaran Griffin
7th A

Matthew Davis & Scuz Wingrove
6th A

Alasdair Mcdougall & Kenneth Riddle
5th A

Paul Williams & Patrick Wallis
4th A

Stephen Watts & Geoff Pettengell
3rd A

Rod Sutcliffe & Phil Scarf
2nd A

Chad Harrison & Jonathan Rabagliati
A winners

Nigel Bunn & Stephen Pyke
5th Elite

Jim Davies & Andrew Schofield
4th Elite

John Hunt & Ifor Powell
2nd Elite

Steve Birkinshaw & Morgan Donnelly
Elite Winners

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Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event