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The Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon

Confessions of a LAMM Marshal

Simon Lloyds joined us as a marshal this year and writes:

In true LAMM tradition I was kept in the dark about the location of the LAMM. I travelled to the event with some friends (competitors in the B class - 62nd) and caught the 6 pm ferry from Oban. I was soon in action and didn't stop until I was safely aboard the 5pm ferry from Craignure on Sunday.

And what did I do?

  • I loaded and unloaded rucsacs onto a lorry so that the runners could take the train
  • I ensured all dibbers where cleared at the C, D and novice start on Saturday
  • I helped set up the mid camp
  • I ensured you all cleared your dibbers after finishing on day one
  • I split you into 'chasing start' and 'main start' on the trackway on day two
  • I gave out food tickets at the finish and I herded runners into pens for the ferry on Sunday
  • and there were also lots of other little jobs too numerous to mention.

I enjoyed every minute and would certainly do it again. I had wet feet for 36 hours (didn't everyone?) and I didn't get much sleep (did anyone?). But there were some real highlights.......

  • Neil Watson playing the pipes at the C,D and novice start on Saturday was atmospheric
  • The look of relief on everyone's face when they dibbed the last control on day one and realised they had made it
  • The marshals sharing smoked salmon and vodka at the mid camp (perhaps I shouldn't tell you that) provided by Alexander, a previous marshal from Russia, now living back home
  • The thanks and cheery comments from the competitors as they raced for the ferries

The increase in competitor numbers stretched the marshals at times but we got there and the event
lived up to its name as the Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon.

Hope to see you all next year
Simon Lloyds

Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event