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The Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon

LAMM 2008 - Update 1
8th March 2008

It is now time to enter LAMM 2008. We have another great area lined up in one of the classic mountain area of the Scottish Highlands with a scattering of Munros and Corbetts.  Our planner this year is Andy Spenceley, who planned the excellent routes at Inchnadamph two years ago and controlled the event last yeasr.  Angela Mudge who planned our 2007 routes and Dave Coustick will share the role of controller. Competition for places in the LAMM is now so keen that the event always fills to capacity and even an event as far north as Inchndamph 2006 was oversubscribed. Entry is online only and we would strongly recommend an early entry this year to avoid disappointment. We will save a few slots to allow late entries for Elite and A teams.

Before you Enter Online using SiEntries, the SPORTident Online Entries System, please read on ......

Save Time Entering The LAMM.  Ask Your Partner to Register with SiEntries
The LAMM uses SiEntries to manage event entries. Please contact your partner and ask if they have already registered to use SiEntries.  If so they will be able to give you their SiEntries ID (not the same as their SI-Card number).  If they have not registered, please ask them to do so by visiting Once you have their SiEntries ID, you will be able to enter them with you on the LAMM without typing in any of their personal details.  All you will need is their SiEntries ID and surname.

How Many LAMMs Have You Both Competed in?
You can see the list of previous LAMM's with years and locations at LAMM events. We would like you to look at this list and count the total number of events you and your partner have each taken part in as it is required for the entry form. If you do not have your partner's "LAMM history" to hand, please use the Team Changes option at a later date to provide us with complete and accurate information. The number of LAMMs you have taken part in will appear in brackets after each of your names on the Team List and all Results. We will provide three special prizes for teams completing the LAMM with the highest number of LAMM appearances between them. One prize will be for an all male team, one for an all female team and one for a mixed team. We're counting on you all to be honest in the way you use this facility and so, please think before you tick. If you get it wrong, you can be sure that your friends and rivals will spot the error!

Membership of Landowning Organisations?
The LAMM has never been refused access to a privately owned estate. A significant part of Scotland is owned by National Trust for Scotland, John Muir Trust and RSPB. It may help us if in future we are able to indicate how many LAMMers are members of these organisations. You will be given the opportunity to indicate your memberships on the entry form.  The result of the poll in 2007 was quite enlightening - 255 were members of National Trust, 54 were members of John Muir Trust and 82 of you were members of RSPB.

Travelling to the LAMM - What is the Environmental Cost?
Last year we introduced an idea that we think was a first at sporting events. We tried to stimulate debate by making our competitors aware of the environmental impact caused by their journey to the LAMM. We used the information you provided about your journeys to the LAMM to calculate the approximate amount of Carbon Dioxide your journey to and from the LAMM generated. We investigated various schemes that try to avoid equivalent amounts of CO2 being generated somewhere else in the world. The scheme could operate anywhere that is appropriate because the problem we are all becoming aware of is a global problem. For more information, we suggest you look at We particularly like projects such as "Efficient Cooking Stoves". When you pay your LAMM entry fee, we will offer you an opportunity to make a voluntary contribution. This will be donated to one or more appropriate projects to ensure that the amount of CO2 you have generated when you travel to and from the LAMM is no longer generated elsewhere. You can think of it as a Climate Saving Contribution. We believe this type of "global taxation" will become the norm in future. We would urge you to support us by making this contribution and the LAMM will match your contributions pound for pound. The total contributed so far by competitors will be displayed at the top of the Entry List.

Last year the response was outstanding and of the 517 teams who were asked to make a contribution, 466 actually made a payment.  The total paid by the competitors was £582 and with the LAMM's matched contribution, the amount paid to Climate Care Trust was £1164.  Many thanks for your support.

More Information About the LAMM?
Please take a look at all the online 2005, 2006 and 2007 information - Event Details & Final Details, Best Routes & Results, Control Descriptions, Galleries and Reports/Feedback from Isle of Mull, Assynt and Auchtertyre/Glen Lochay. This should give you a flavour of the event and help you to choose the best course for your team.

LAMM Car stickers from 2003/4/5/6/7 - send us an SAE.

The LAMM Team looks forward to meeting you all again on Friday 6th June 2008. Don't miss out on it or you may regret it later!

Martin Stone
LAMM Organiser

Climate Care

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Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon