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The Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon

Winners Reports

Elite Course:  Duncan Archer and Jim Mann

It was a mad dash to get to the chasing start in time, with last minute toilet queuing, and not wanting to expose any bare flesh to the hoards of midges until the very last minute. Once on the move the pressure was off slightly today, with a 40+ minute lead in the chase, but we still went fairly briskly just to be sure. All the navigation was fine, and thankfully the cloud didn't descend to complicate things (although we did take one 'round' route to avoid going over the misty tops). We had the company of a pack of 10 deer for the first third of the course. The end of the course finished with a great descent down a long ridge, and then the final couple of controls with grins on our faces and a feeling of satisfying exhaustion. Thanks to all the organising team.

A Course: Andy Fallas and Helen Bonsor

After enjoying a good run on Saturday, it wasn't only the chasing start that put the pressure on to get a quick get away, but the clouds of thick midges at the mid-camp - as one of the marshalls put it, prime feeding time for the scottish midge! Lots of climbing again in todays route which we enjoyed, including an airy scramble onto the main Ben Cruachan ridge. We were pleased with our route choices, and glad of the ascent up to the ben cruachan ridge after a lot of contouring in mist. We lost a few minutes trying to find checkpoint 4 which we over-shot, and had to descend slightly to find in the re-entrant. There were then a few quick glances over our shoulders to see if any of our other competitors in the chasing start were in sight. Luckily not, or not that we saw! Nice ridge run, and then a long descent towards the last few check points. Really enjoyed the route - a huge thanks to all those involved in the organisation.

B Course: Ben Rowley and Tom Rowley

Friday night terrible forecast, rain and cloud, arrived to scottish 'mist.' Excited already.

Saturday morning, sunny, bright blue sky what could we ask for? Mystrey bus journey, very hot above victoria bridge, with fast running over munros - with great views. Still too hot, one more munro to go, mid camp in sight. Nice grassy campsie, playing the game of the higher you camp the less you get biten

Sunday morning, racing in light cloud, good going, feeling better today! last murno, with a nice glacing view of event centre just before the summit. Fast running down, and a lovely surprise to find we're the first back. Wilfs are back - awesome food to end an awesome weekend!

D Course: Mick James and Sam Guest

After Sam had climbed his second munro ever it was a big ask to get him out in the hills for a second day, but he got his head down and ground out the hills.

Nice to have a cooler day today and nice to get a bit of mist and cloud so we could hide from the chasing pack. Didn't see anyone all day though and enjoyed the views, especially at the end.

Great to finish and get some food - many thanks to all the marshals for giving up their time - another fantastic event.

Normally on a Sunday my day consists of getting out of bed at 10, never did I think I would be able to complete the LAMM in that time. aching all over and covered in midge bites but thoroughly enjoyed the experience. thank you to Mick, the marshalls, the organisers and all involved.

Score Course: Kenny Leitch & Keith Masson

The decision was east for lots of choice, less climb and many low point controls....or SW into the big mountains for big points. A quick comparison of points and a check of the string to make sure the SW route was doable and we were committed. We decided to go for the 10 pointer on the col as our first as there was a path all the way....unfortunately, any path that was once there had long since gone, so immediately we felt under time pressure (this is the extra dimension that comes with the Score!). Before we got to no.1, we worked out we needed 1 hour from Beinn a' Bhuiridh to the finish and an hour for each of the legs before that. So we had a clear marker for where we needed to be 3 hours in...

...we were 13 minutes over when we got there and now faced the leg we'd been dreading - 1.5km and 700m climb. This took us 1:01, so we were now 14 minutes behind schedule but knew we could catch up a little on the next leg. The 150m climb at the end of the leg was torture, making it around 2,000m for the day. We did pull some time back though, and now had 53 minutes to get back. We ran hard down the ridge, trying to find good going to get some advantage from the 850m descent. A final push along the track to the finish brought us in just under 7 minutes late, sneaking inside our 1 hour estimate from Beinn a' Bhuiridh, with exactly 59:59!

We thought that would have been good enough and we were delighted to win. It's 23 years since we did our first MM together and it's great to still be competing. Big thanks to Martin, Angela and Andy for another excellent event.


Climate Care

Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

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