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The Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon

Competitor's Own Stories/Blogs


Here are some great stories and pictures. Please send us links to blogs and stories you have written about your LAMM weekend in the Cruachan hills to

Richard Dearden -
Accompanied by Tom Gomersall, they were 2nd on the A course and Richard managed to bag his first Munro. How has he managed to avoid them on his 5 previous LAMMs?

Rachel Dearden -
Accompanied by Elsie Riley, they were 19th and second ladies team on the Score course. Rachel appears to have been taking part in another event - The Lowe Alpine Midge Marathon!

Craig Weldon -
Accompanied by Graham Gollan and both LAMM virgins, they were 98th on the C course.

Alison Holt -
Accompanied by Lindsay Palmer on the C course

Andrew Higgins & Adam Stirk -
A joint effort by Andrew and Adam who were 9th on the Elite. This was Adam's 9th LAMM and he has gradually moved up the courses. He was one of the instigators of the the University MM Championships.


Stories/Blogs By Foreign Teams

Valerie Belanger -
Accompanied by Erica Goldsmith on the D course. This blog is in French but I'm sure you'll get the gist of it.

Caroline Westbom -
Accompanied by Tomas Albinsson, they were 5th on the D course and 2nd mixed pair. This one is in Swedish and Caroline suggests you use Google Translate as it will be fun!


Climate Care

Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event

Highlander Mountain Marathon

Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon