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The Connoisseurs Mountain Marathon

Prize Giving

photos by Felicity Martin

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Martin Stone, the event organiser starts the prize giving

Ewen Macpherson
owner of Attadale Estate

Linda Biggar and Colin Hossack
2nd Mixed D Course

Alison Devey and Kate Ludley
1st Female D Course

Roger Jackson and Malcolm Ruckledge
2nd Vets D Course

Alan and Alasdair Cameron
6th D Course

Mike Woodbridge and Jim Stalker
5th D Course

Nicholas Beckett and Neil Bruce
4th D Course

Tom Gomersall and Richard Scarborough
3rd D Course

Roger Coombs and Andrew Tivendale
1st Vet, 2nd D Course

Robin Orr and James Kellock
1st D Course

Natasha Fellowes and Alan Tudur Williams
3rd Mixed C Course

Alison Wilson and Ann Goudie
1st Female C Course

Paul O'hara and Stewart Gardner
2nd Vet C Course

Les Swindin and Geoff Causey
1st Vets, 6th C Course

Anne-marie Frankland and John Frankiss
2nd Mixed, 5th C Course

Rupert Kempley and Kate Boobyer
1st Mixed, 4th C Course

Mark Armitage and John Laughlin
3rd C Course

Martin Bath and Chris Rhodes
2nd C Course

Richard and Timothy Lawes
1st C Course

John Slater and Kate Charles
2nd Mixed B Course

Kirsten Ramsay and Heather Dawe
1st Female B Course

Kirsty Hewitson and Duncan Archer
1st Mixed, 5th B Course

Per Sjogren and Peter Nyberg
4th B Course

Alex Pilkington and Mick Horn
3rd B Course

Anthony Squire and Chris Godfree
2nd B Course

John Helme and Simon Richardson
1st B Course

Gill Harris and Keith Richards
1st Mixed A Course

Simon Horsley and Fraser Livesey
6th A Course

Phil Pittson and Nick Lander
1st Vets, 5th A Course

Mark and Patrick Blythe
4th A Course

David Atkinson and Jerry Sharp
3rd A Course

Chris Davies and Vincent Mcalinden
2nd A Course

Jeff Green and Darrell High
1st A Course

Andrew Schofield and Mark Hartell
6th Elite Course

Quentin and Kevin Harding
5th Elite Course

Stephen Pyke and Tim Laney
4th Elite Course

Adrian Davis and Alec Keith
3rd Elite Course

Jethro Lennox and Tim Lenton
2nd Elite Course

Jim and Phil Davies
1st Elite Course

Route planning above Loch Duich

The clouds over mid camp

Racing together - the spirit of the event